Scott Graham Frantic Assembly Artistic Director: Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time.

“Sally Harris is an inspirational and highly skilled teacher. Endlessly creative, she is also a brilliant facilitator and nurturer of ideas. She is supportive and sensitive to the needs of the creative mind and is always looking for new ways to make ideas connect with their intended audience.”

Scott Graham -


Steven Hoggett

Artistic Director Frantic Assembly

Choreographer – Blackwatch, Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time; The Light Princess

“I have had over 20 years of working practise alongside Sally Harris. Through her methods and outlook, I have been granted a consistently inspiring and innovative viewpoint on theatre and all it’s possible forms of application. Her approach to teaching became an inspiration to the working methods employed by Frantic Assembly and the relationship we shared over the years has proven to be consistently enriching. Sally has the capacity to encourage the use of both literal and lateral thinking, an essential and often overlooked requisite for the imaginative individual. Her appreciation and understanding of theatre, dance and performance is exemplary and equips  her with an incredibly generous and assured authority in this field. As a creative partner, Sally is a constant source of tenacity and bravery which, in the realm of devising theatre, is essential. I have had extensive contact with students that have been tutored by Sally and in every instance, they demonstrate a very specific and telling skill set that is a genuine privilege to engage with. Sally has a methodology that encourages bravery, at the same time providing the most secure and affirming environment for anyone wishing to engage with a level of creativity they may never have dared try before. Her results are always extraordinary.”

Steven Hoggett -

I attended the writing session in March and completely forgot to say what a lovely experience it was. Even though the rain was lashing down, the farm was warm and welcoming. Sally put on a marvellous spread from tea to a delicious home made three course lunch. This hospitality enabled us to concentrate on our creativity, ably led by Gis Hoyle.
It was great to have the time, space and company to create. It made it a rare and refreshing ‘holiday’ from my normal life.>

Highly recommended.

Dave Robertson -

“Me and my wife had a delightful weekend get away here, Sally and Jeff were so friendly and attentive. Highly Recommended”

Ryan Williams - Wagonner's Stable

“If you’re looking for a top quality B & B  look no further. Sally also provided us with a delicious evening meal –  thanks so much”

Lucy Spall - Ostler's Stable